Sheikh Shady Al Suleiman was born in Sydney, Australia to an Arab-Palestinian family that migrated to Australia in the late 1960’s. He completed his school certificate in Sydney before embarking on an eight year journey to seek knowledge in the Islamic world. He initially obtained an Ijaza with Sanad (complete chain back to the Prophet S.A.W.S.) in complete and sound memorization of the Qur’an in Sind, Pakistan.

He then traveled to Damascus, Syria, where he spent six years studying Islam and Arabic at numerous Islamic institutions, and was under the mentor-ship of many well recognized scholars. His studies resulted in specialization of Arabic and Comparative Fiqh (Islamic Law/Jurisprudence), as well as receiving numerous Ijaza’s in Fiqh, Usul Al Fiqh, Hadith and other Islamic sciences. He also holds a Masters in Islamic Studies.

Sheikh Shady currently lives in Sydney with his wife and two children and is heavily involved with the Muslim community, primarily the Australian Muslim youth. He is the founder of the United Muslims of Australia (UMA), Australian New Muslims Association (ANMA), Sydney Islamic College, the Message Magazine, Islamic Media International and other active Dawah organizations

Sheikh Shady is also an international speaker he also appears on many different Islamic satellite channels such as Islam Channel UK, Huda TV, Iqra International TV, TV AlHijra, and Alrahma TV.